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Opportunity of the Week

Volunteer Car and Minibus Drivers Needed

Do you enjoy driving?        Do you have some free time?  Do you have your own car? Want to meet new people and make friends?

Our local charities need friendly and patient volunteers who enjoy getting out and about and chatting to people. Local drivers provide transport for those people who are unable to use public transport, for whatever reason. Journeys can be provided for older people, disabled people, young people and children. Community transport enables many older and disabled people, who might otherwise be socially isolated, to maintain their independence.

How much time do I need to give? Most charities are only looking for a minimum of 4 hours each month, allowing you to fit volunteering around family and work commitments. It doesn’t matter if you can volunteer once a month or several times a week, whatever you can give would help make a real difference to people within your community.

Come to our event at: Bunnings Store, Griffiths Way on 28th May

For more details contact the Volunteer Centre

 email: [email protected] or call 01727 814644 or 01727 814629


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