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Keech Hospice Care

The trustees of Keech Hospice Care are charity trustees for the purpose of the Charities Acts and are also Directors of Keech Hospice Care Limited and Directors for the purposes of Companies Acts.

As the Board of Trustees, the trustees are legally responsible, both individually and corporately, for the activities and governance of the charity. They are ultimately responsible for everything the charity does and how it does it. The overriding duty of trustees is to act in good faith within charity law and to make sure the charity pursues its aims (as set out in the governing document); uses its assets exclusively to pursue those aims; and acts in the interests of its beneficiaries.

Key Responsibilities

Board Members act collectively as a Board and are legally accountable for the activities of the charity and hospice. They share responsibility for the strategy and future direction of Keech Hospice Care and the effective and efficient delivery of its plans and functions. They are responsible for:


Ensuring Keech Hospice Services effectively fulfils its general functions and duties in accordance with its Articles of Association, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations.
Determining the overall strategic direction of Keech Hospice Care and ensuring the availability of resources.
Monitoring the performance of the Chief Executive and holding him to account for delivery against agreed plans and budgets.
Promoting and protecting Keech Hospice Care’s values, integrity, image and reputation.
Ensuring high standards of governance that command the confidence of Keech Hospice Care’s stakeholders and staff.
Ensuring the Board itself performs effectively and contains people with the skills and experience it needs and makes plans to ensure the recruitment, induction and development of new trustees.
As a trustee you will be required to:


Attend meetings of the Board.
Participate in the Board’s annual work programme of reviews and scrutinies.
Undertake portfolio roles as directed by the Chair.
Be involved in the work of the Board, including membership of any committee or working group established by the Board.
Take an ongoing interest in the work of the charity and have a general awareness of its work and the environment within which it must operate.
Promote the charity with external stakeholders where appropriate.
Participate in ‘provider visits’ to the hospice.
Carry out the duties of a trustee in accordance with the Seven Principles of Public Life (selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership).

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