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Funding Advice

Funding advice is available in group workshops, starting July 2016


If you are looking for funding we can support you by:

  • Assisting you to carry out a funding search using our funding database. To assist you to gather the information that you need, we suggest you complete the funding search template and return to us here

  • Providing half price funding training on:

    • Business Planning

    • Sourcing funding

    • Developing a Funding Strategy

    • Writing Excellent bids

    • Evidencing need

1:1 advice is available at a fee of £30p/h; due to resource constraints, free 1:1 funding advice is no longer available. Areas we can help with include:

  • Helping you scope out projects

  • Developing project budgets

  • Showing you where to find evidence for funding applications

  • Developing a Case for Support

  • Critiquing draft funding applications

  • Giving guidance on writing a simple funding application

  • Advising you on surveys and gathering evidence of need

  • Suggesting partners for applications

  • Carrying out a funding search for you.

Non- Members

  • All of the above 1:1 advice is available at £50p/h or £150 for half a day

  • You can attend one of our regular advice workshops, or use our funding search database, for a £50 charge (per workshop/search)

  • Funding Training is available at full price.