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Waiting List of 500 for Scouts Due to Lack of Volunteers

Many of us have memories of earning badges, bag-packing and camping as a member of the scout movement. The unique opportunity that the Scouts offer for young people to try new activities, make new friends and play a bigger part in the community is at risk for the 500 children that are currently on a waiting list to join in the St Albans area.

It is not just St Albans that is affected – across the UK there are 51,000 children on the waiting list to join.

A recent article in the Herts Advertiser identified two reasons for children having to wait to join the movement; a lack of volunteers and a lack of space.

St Albans Scouts District Commissioner, Annette Payne is looking for people to help out at meetings, on Saturdays, and on camps. They are also in need of new facilities to accommodate more young people.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts, and their leaders will march along St Peter’s Street on Sunday, April 23 the group will then congregate on the Cathedral orchard for a celebration. There will be a stall at the orchard on the day for anyone interested in volunteering with the scouts.

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